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Interview with Chief of West Sandy Hose Company


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**"This is another tool in our toolbox that helps for our members to be more efficient. . . . the feedback from our membership has been great that it's going to be more streamlined and more effective." ** Thanks Chief Beers, we agree. IaR works with all of the Sandy Township Departments to provide advanced emergency notifications to their members' mobile devices via app push notifications, text and email to improve the emergency responses within their Township.

Sandy Township implemented the IamResponding system to connect their EMS and fire departments so they can all be in the loop about what emergencies are happening and who will be helping at the scene. Chief Bill Beers discusses how the IamResponding system will streamline and improve the effectiveness of their delivery of emergency services.

Listen to the full interview about IamResponding with Bill Beers, Sandy Township supervisor and Chief of the West Sandy Hose Company here.