Keeping track of expiration dates has never been easier than through the use of IamResponding.com's Expiration Tracker.  Whether you are tracking expiration dates for your members (such as CPR certifications, EMT cards, physicals, etc.) or expiration dates for your department (such as vehicle registrations, hose testing deadlines, your narcotic license, dates for replacement of turnout gear, equipment inspection deadlines, etc.), all of your expiration dates are automatically tracked through a very simple to use interface that prevents any such dates from "slipping through the cracks." 

IamResponding.com's Expiration Tracker eliminates virtually all of the time that is currently spent tracking expiration dates, by automating the tracking of the dates, and providing constant date reminders.  Members can track all of their own dates, and will receive automated email reminders as expiring dates approach.  Automated emails are also sent weekly to any members that you designate, advising of anything that expires within the next 30, 60, 90 or 120 days.


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