With IamResponding, you can have your dispatches sent right to your cell phone, or to any other internet-connected mobile device!  You can have the dispatch information sent directly to your phone, to your email, or to your alpha-numeric pagers.  Dispatch messages are also sent to your smart phones via push notifications with IamResponding's FREE iPhone and Android apps.

Redundancy is critical for dispatch notifications, and that is what IamResponding provides!  In addition to your pagers, IamResponding allows each member to also receive their dispatches via any or all of push notifications, text message, email, secondary text or email, and alpha-pagers.

IamResponding also posts your current dispatch information right on your IamResponding home page, so that it is quickly and easily viewable.

Some regions already have text message capability set up through their dispatch center's CAD system.  Advantages of doing this through IamResponding include the following:

1.  Members are able to keep their own text message and email addresses updated right through their own member profiles.  No one else from the municipality or dispatch center has to maintain a list of contacts.

2.  Members can enable and disable this messaging service themselves, in their own profile.  When they are out of town or on vacation and don't want the messages, they can simply turn off this function.

3.  When this function is enabled through IamResponding, the dispatch information will post right to your main IamResponding screen.

4.  Your department/agency/team will be able to generate reports of all of your dispatches.

5.  Users can filter the data received from the dispatch center to only display or forward the most relevant data, and to omit any confidential data.

6.  Users with Verizon phones can receive text messages of dispatches with up to 1250 characters, through a priority, unfiltered Verizon gateway.

7.  When these dispatch messages are transmitted via push notifcation to IamResponding's FREE iPhone and Android apps, Google Maps can be automatically launched within the apps to show you where the incident is, and how to get there.

**This function is not intended to be used as a primary means of dispatch for emergency events, but rather is intended as a secondary means of notification, for your convenience.  The availability of this function is dependent upon the technology currently used by your dispatch center.

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