Almost every department struggles with communication issues, from simple things such as meeting or drill reminders, to apparatus out-of-service announcements, to updates about emergency events as they are happening. includes an instant mass-messaging system that enables you to quickly send messages to various groups of your members via email, text message and/or pager.  A simple interface allows you to create up to fifty different groups of members (such as corporate officers, line officers, drivers, EMT's, interior firefighters, etc.), and you can instantly send messages to selected individuals, or to one or more of your groups. 

This is a very effective and efficient tool for intra-departmental communications, and works much better than traditional email lists because any updates to your members’ email, text message and pager addresses are immediately updated for all of the groups to which they belong.  Each member can update their own contact information at any time, so all contact lists are always kept current.  You can also run reports showing all of the outbound messages sent by your department, so that you have confirmation of what was sent, and by whom.

Enter a message, select the method of delivery (text message, email, pager or all), select the recipients (individuals or groups), and hit send!

There is no limit to the number of outbound messages that you can send, and there is no additional cost associated with sending messages to your members.

Emergency Responder Reply System
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